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The Farm

The stocking rates at Monkridge Hill Farm allows each individual animal as much area as needed in order for it to graze and grow naturally.

The breeds of stock are also traditional and very much a part of the Northumbrian landscape - The Scottish Blackface sheep are famous for their hardy nature and quality of meat. The cattle herd which graze the hills are made up of breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Galloway and now Wagyu.

The quality of the stock bred at Monkridge Hill is of an exceptionally high standard. Blackface lambs produced on the farm have been successfully shown over the years, and came second in their class at the Royal Smithfield Show in 1998.

The stock graze upon a total natural diet of grasses, heathers, mosses and herbs numbering over one hundred individual species.

 This allows the re-establishment of rare and native plant and insect species and a far greater diversity of wildlife generally.

We like to feel that by farming this way we are not only producing the very best natural product, but that we are putting something back into the environment by following a traditional production system which in many ways mirrors the natural cycle of nature.

At Monkridge Hill we firmly believe in the old adage that we are not the owners of the land, but are simply custodians of it for future generations.

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